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Violent Sex Games Is All About Extreme Kinks

There are hardcore porn games, and then there are the games you can play on our site. What we offer is not hardcore. What we offer is extreme and not recommended to regular porn fans. Some of the visitors of our site are so offended and shocked by the content they witness here that they feel obliged to write us strongly worded emails to express their outrage. So, before we go any further with the presentation of our site, we want to be sure that you know what you’re getting into. But if you are into extreme kinks, you’ve just found your new favorite porn site.

What To Expect From The Violent Sex Games Collection

First of all, expect no mercy! We didn’t show any shame or guilt when we put together this collection. Some of the kinks that you’ll find in these games are so extreme that you might doubt if they’re ok features on a porn site. Well, kinks like CNC sex, mind control, bestiality, and necro fucking might get sites in trouble, but only if the content features real people. Our games are a work of fiction with no real characters. Even though the action feels so real and even though the screams of the girls you’ll be abusing can make you sometimes feel sorry for them, everything in this collection is make-believe. And it’s the safest way through which some of us can please the darkest fantasies we have in our twisted minds.

You Can Also Play From The Submissive Part On Violent Sex Games

Our collection also gives you the chance to please your lust of becoming a slave for either a male or a female dominator. Have games in which you will be a male slave, in which a dominatrix will have her way with you. That way will include ass worshiping, pegging, and cock and balls torture. But most of these submissive games on our site are coming from the perspective of a female slave, and you will get to be tortured by either a man or a woman. There is one game in which you will be the slave girl of a couple.

Are These Violent Porn Games Safe?

Yes! Even though these are some of the most scandalous kinks on the internet, you are safe playing them. First of all, they are all legal. And if you fear the backlash of the mob mentality on the internet, be with no worries. Nobody will ever know that you’ve been on our site or who you are while you are here.

Is The Billing Discrete On Violent Sex Games?

There’s no billing more discrete than getting no bill. And do you know why you won’t get a bill? Because there won’t be a payment for which to be billed. Our collection of hardcore porn games is coming to you for free and there are no strings attached to this offer. You will see a couple of non-intrusive ads but no videos. And we never steal your data!

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